“Stay Close to ANYTHING that makes you feel you are ALIVE” -HAFIZ

The mission of Maloos Design is to bring more Beauty to every-day life. In this page, I would love to share with you the source of my inspiration and how I developed my love for art. 

While modern art emphasizes asymmetrical compositions, the ancient art revolves around symmetrical ideas and patterns. Since my childhood I have always been mesmerized by the beauty of Persian rugs, wares, or textiles and tapestries that my mom used to decorate the house with, for special occasions such as Persian new year; Norouz. Later, I got introduced to the beauty of the architectural places during a family trip to Isfahan.

There is one common characteristic quality in almost any architectural landmark or any art piece created in that region, symmetry! Not only in the whole structure of the art, like minarets, vaults, or the domes, but also in the details of the interior decorations such as mosaics arts. Below is a collection of these patterns and designs that have inspired me through the years and have given me perspective to develop my taste for art!