About me


Maloos Design was born out of a love for patterns and motifs in historical Middle Eastern Monuments.

 When I was 10 years old, my family and I visited Isfahan, a city full of beauty that has inspired many artists, myself included. I was mesmerized by the colorful patterns and motifs of the magnificent architecture. I used the entire film roll to take photos of the mosaic arts on the walls. Little did I know, that experience is shaping my artistic taste in photography and design.

 Fast-forward to a few years ago, I visited a magnificent 14-century monument in the Middle East and came across a round, symmetrical mosaic design that I fell in love with immediately.

I had seen so many beautiful mosaics before, but this specific piece of art was different. It was round but imperfect, colorful but harmonious, symmetrical but not predictable in any way. The details were incredibly sophisticated, so much so that I spent the whole afternoon taking so many pictures. 

 The revelation empowered me to try something that I had always had in mind but had never dared to try; Creating Maloos Design.

Throughout my artistic life, I had been incorporating that mosaic design into my art projects, be it painting, photography, or collage, ever since.

Nevertheless, Maloos Design was where I could diversify my creations to handmade crafts, themed on my incorporated art. Maloos Design started from a handmade simple cheese board for a thanksgiving dinner and now growing faster than ever.


Here we are bringing the art I admire into functional objects and providing a means for people to create quality time with their beloveds.