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Are you a real estate agent, a loan broker, or a cool CEO who likes to give your clients or employees a unique, customized, and useful gift with your branding/logo on it? If so, this offer is for you!

Gifting your clients or employees something special as a token of your appreciation for their business and/or hard work is a very thoughtful gesture. However, I did some research and realized that not all gift choices are appreciated. In fact, people often give away what they have received or don't use it at all because they don't find whatever it is useful or unique. 

According to research by,, only 23.3% of people receive a gift that they find useful to keep.

Imagine, though, what will happen when you give your clients or employees a chessboard, backgammon set, or elegant wooden box of playing cards. They’ll use those items during gatherings with family and friends, have a great time, and create wonderful memories. Whenever they use it, they’ll think of what a great experience they had working with you. If one of the purposes of gift giving is to stay front-and-center in people's minds, this is a perfect strategy.

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 Let's dig into the details:

First things first: I customize my products by engraving your name and information on a brass plaque and attaching it to the product. On top of that, I’ll design a card with your picture and logo and a personal message from you (handwritten options are available). After hand-wrapping every single item and decorating it with satin ribbon, I place your card on it before sealing the shipping box. Once your clients/employees receive the package and open the box, the note with your image or logo is the first thing they see, and it stays in their minds forever. This is a very elegant and chic way to represent yourself and your brand and thanks someone for what they did.


Why should I choose your gift products over others in the market?

1-They’re unique: I established my brand in 2018 and built it from scratch. All the items you see here on my website are unique; you can’t find them anywhere else. You’ll also distinguish yourself among other agents or companies because they usually give away a bottle of wine or a gourmet basket, and those things don’t last.

2-They’re useful: I loved the idea of incorporating more art into everyday life, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. Therefore, I designed a line of products with the motifs I admired. I call it ‘functional art;’ in other words, these items are artistic AND useful.

3-I include a human touch in each package: In our busy lives these days, everybody is drowning in their own responsibilities. Sometimes, receiving a handwritten note or a hand-wrapped gift makes a huge difference. When was the last time somebody hand-wrapped a gift for you? Even at Christmas, people usually give each other gifts in paper bags with some tissue paper stuffed around them. However, we find a certain amount of joy in opening up a beautifully wrapped gift to reveal what’s inside. I think we have all experienced that.

4-They are customizable: I’ll engrave your name and information on a brass plaque and attach it to the product. It will be permanent, so you’ll stay in their minds forever. On top of that, I’ll design a card with your picture and logo and a personal message from you (handwritten options are available). There are other customization options available such as satin ribbons with your company’s name and logo, as well as stickers.

5-They are quality-time makers! These days, social media is very distracting. In fact, lately, being able to concentrate is considered a superpower. However, it was different for some of us growing up. I have fond memories of playing board games and cards with my family and friends—we sure have missed that kind of pleasant, stress-free activity in our lives. Imagine giving someone a means to create quality time and being the reason families spend time together instead of mindlessly scrolling up and down on Instagram.

6-They support art and culture: The United States is made up of different cultures from different parts of the world, and the internet has brought people from all around the world closer to each other. With that truth in mind, I took a beautiful element from my cultural background (Persian) and turned it into functional art. By gifting these products to your VIP clients or employees, you also help introduce the cultural beauty from a unique part of the world to a newly appreciative audience.

7-Last but not least—they are premium quality and environmentally friendly: We need to stop hurting the earth by producing plastic products. My items are made out of natural materials, which adds to their value. 

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